Railway Radio Communications Pty Ltd is a specialist supply and integrator of Electrical and electronic equipment into different classes of Locomotives. We have highly trained and certified engineers and fitters who are qualified in all aspects of Electronic and Electrical equipment in Locomotives. Railway Radio Communications Pty Ltd specializes in the installation and maintenance of Countrynet and ICE systems. Qube Logistics and Southern Short Haul Railroad has deployed Railway Radio Communications for their ICE Installations. All brackets are designed and manufactured in house by our design team. SAB Brockskes has appointed Railway Radio Communications as their distributor for the Australian Market for the sabix range of cables. Railway Radio Communication can now supply halogen-free cables, cable track cables, servo cables, ETFE, FEP, PFA cables, Bus cables, Torsion cables, Hybrid and special cables. Railway Radio Communications halogen-free SABIX data cables are used for the transmission of signals, measuring values and control signals in electronic control appliances, data processing systems, railway technologies, weighing installations, office appliances or wherever smallest cross-sections, bending radii, shielding or high flexibility is demanded. The excellent characteristics of these cables, in various versions, are oil resistance, low-temperature flexibility, heat resistance, weather resistance, flexibility, being halogen-free.

Railway Radio Communications Pty Ltd
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